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Change contrib directory to extra

The contrib name (taken from other open-source projects) seems a bit confusing. Extra will probably be clearer.
The Debian data where moved under linux directory, but are also used for ARM. As these are files used to build the package (and not vital to the functionning of duniter)
they have their place in extra.
The Debian data are used by many scripts which were not updated after debian folder move.
parent c813a6c2
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ mkdir -p duniter_release
cp -R ${SRC}/* duniter_release/
# Creating DEB packaging
mv duniter_release/release/arch/debian/package duniter-${ARCH}
mv duniter_release/release/extra/debian/package duniter-${ARCH}
mkdir -p duniter-${ARCH}/opt/duniter/
chmod 755 duniter-${ARCH}/DEBIAN/post*
chmod 755 duniter-${ARCH}/DEBIAN/pre*
......@@ -173,9 +173,9 @@ tar czf "${BIN}/duniter-desktop-${DUNITER_TAG}-linux-x64.tar.gz" * || exit 1
build_deb_pack() {
rm -rf "${RELEASES}/duniter-x64"
mkdir "${RELEASES}/duniter-x64" || exit 1
cp -r "${ROOT}/release/arch/linux/debian/package/"* "${RELEASES}/duniter-x64" || exit 1
cp -r "${ROOT}/release/extra/debian/package/"* "${RELEASES}/duniter-x64" || exit 1
if [[ "${1}" == "desktop" ]]; then
cp -r "${ROOT}/release/contrib/desktop/"* "${RELEASES}/duniter-x64" || exit 1
cp -r "${ROOT}/release/extra/desktop/"* "${RELEASES}/duniter-x64" || exit 1
mkdir -p "${RELEASES}/duniter-x64/opt/duniter/" || exit 1
chmod 755 "${RELEASES}/duniter-x64/DEBIAN/"post* || exit 1
......@@ -42,13 +42,13 @@ for asset in $EXPECTED_ASSETS; do
echo "Missing asset: $asset"
# Debian
# Linux
if [[ $asset == *"linux-x64.deb" ]] || [[ $asset == *"linux-x64.tar.gz" ]]; then
if [[ $ARCH == "x86_64" ]]; then
echo "Starting Debian build..."
./release/scripts/ make deb $TAG
node ./release/scripts/upload-release.js $TOKEN $TAG $DEB_PATH
echo "Starting Linux build..."
./release/scripts/ make lin $TAG
node ./release/scripts/upload-release.js $TOKEN $TAG $LIN_PATH
echo "This computer cannot build this asset, required architecture is 'x86_64'. Skipping."
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ if [[ $1 =~ ^[0-9]+.[0-9]+.[0-9]+((a|b)[0-9]+)?$ ]]; then
echo "Changing to version: $1"
# Change the version in package.json and test file
sed -i "s/version\": .*/version\": \"$1\",/g" package.json
sed -i "s/Version: .*/Version: $1/g" release/arch/debian/package/DEBIAN/control
sed -i "s/Version: .*/Version: $1/g" release/extra/debian/package/DEBIAN/control
sed -i "s/version').equal('.*/version').equal('$1');/g" test/integration/branches.js
sed -i "s/ release: .*/ release: v$1/g" appveyor.yml
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ if [[ $1 =~ ^[0-9]+.[0-9]+.[0-9]+((a|b)[0-9]+)?$ ]]; then
# Commit
git reset HEAD
git add package.json test/integration/branches.js gui/index.html release/arch/debian/package/DEBIAN/control release/arch/windows/duniter.iss
git add package.json test/integration/branches.js gui/index.html release/extra/debian/package/DEBIAN/control release/arch/windows/duniter.iss
git commit -m "v$1"
git tag "v$1"
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