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[doc] Fix and improve changelog:

- v1.8.0 will be released in 2020
- Translate fr -> en
- Remove char breaking markdown generation Â
- Format, formulation
- Add BMA path
- elois -> librelois
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## v1.8.0 (XX XXXX 2019)
## v1.8.0 (XX XXXX 2020)
### Highlights
- Migration to Nodejs v10
- Beginning of Duniter's oxidation (=Migration to Rust)
- Migration des modules C/C++ `wotb` et `naclb`
- Migration of the cluster that computing the proof of work
- Migrate to Nodejs v10
- Oxidation (=Migration to Rust) beginning via Neon binding:
- Migrate C/C++ modules: `wotb` and `naclb`
- Migrate Proof-of-Work cluster to Rust
### Security
### Security
- Updating or removing dependencies with security vulnerabilities @elois
- Update or remove security vulnerable dependencies @librelois
### Features
- Migrate pow cluster on Rust @elois
- migrate `naclb` to rust implementation `dup-crypto-rs` @elois
- migrate `wotb` to rust implementation `dubp-wot` @elois
- Migrate PoW cluster to Rust @librelois
- Migrate `naclb` to rust implementation `dup-crypto-rs` @librelois
- Migrate `wotb` to rust implementation `dubp-wot` @librelois
- #1373: Support for Nodejs v10 @c-geek @Moul
- Abstracting conf DAL to ConfDAO @c-geek
- Remove ArchiveDAO, which is a LokiJS artifact @c-geek
- Add to an interface ServerDAO methods that could be used by external modules @c-geek
- StatsDAL => replaced by LevelDB indexes @c-geek
- add `--nocheck-issuer` option to `gen-*` commands @c-geek
- Add `--nocheck-issuer` option to `gen-*` commands @c-geek
### Fixes
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### Refactoring
- Almost complete rewriting of the prover module @elois
- #1372: `scryptb` removal @c-geek
- Almost complete rewriting of the prover module @librelois
- #1372: `scryptb` dependency removal @c-geek
### CI
- Add dockerisation in Duniter CI @elois
- g1 and gt control hash has changed to add `replayable_on` @c-geek
- Generate Duniter container from the CI/CD @librelois
- g1 and gt control hashes have changed to add `replayable_on` @c-geek
### Documentation
- Import of [website documentation](https://duniter.org/en/wiki/duniter/) @elois
- Restructuring the `doc/` directory @elois
- Removal of obsolete documentation @elois
- Document `network/ws2p/heads` @vtexier
- Import of [website documentation](https://duniter.org/en/wiki/duniter/) @librelois
- `doc/` directory restructuration @librelois
- Obsolete documentation removal @librelois
- Document `network/ws2p/heads` BMA path @vtexier
- Document `wot/requirements-of-pending/<minsig>` BMA path @vtexier
Thanks @librelois, @c-geek, @vtexier, @Moul
## v1.7.21: (12th Fev 2020)
## v1.7.21: (12th Feb 2020)
- #1394: Former member back in the WoT with only 4 certifiers
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