Commit a2f055a4 authored by inso's avatar inso
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Fix identity generated by root block gen in webmin

parent 4aa60541
......@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ function WebAdmin (dbConf, overConf) {
let found = yield server.dal.getIdentityByHashOrNull(entity.getTargetHash());
if (!found) {
let selfCert = rawer.getOfficialIdentity(entity);
selfCert += crypto.signSync(selfCert, secretKey);
selfCert += crypto.signSync(selfCert, secretKey) + '\n';
found = yield that.pushEntity({ body: { identity: selfCert }}, http2raw.identity, parsers.parseIdentity);
yield server.dal.fillInMembershipsOfIdentity(Q(found));
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