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Commit b92f669a authored by Éloïs's avatar Éloïs
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change rule BR_G93 (link to #1168)

parent 1f0d9941
......@@ -2591,7 +2591,7 @@ If `reduce(GLOBAL_CINDEX[issuer=CERT.issuer,receiver=CERT.receiver,created_on=CE
###### BR_G93 - Membership expiry
For each `REDUCE_BY(GLOBAL_MINDEX[expires_on<=HEAD.medianTime], 'pub') as POTENTIAL` then consider `REDUCE(GLOBAL_MINDEX[pub=POTENTIAL.pub]) AS MS`.
For each `REDUCE_BY(GLOBAL_MINDEX[expires_on<=HEAD.medianTime AND revokes_on>HEAD.medianTime], 'pub') as POTENTIAL` then consider `REDUCE(GLOBAL_MINDEX[pub=POTENTIAL.pub]) AS MS`.
If `MS.expired_on == null OR MS.expired_on == 0`, add a new LOCAL_MINDEX entry:
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