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Commit c6a2719d authored by Cédric Moreau's avatar Cédric Moreau
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[fix] bma: /wot/lookup was broken

parent f6a2947a
......@@ -807,7 +807,7 @@ export class FileDAL {
async cindexEntry2DBCert(entry:CindexEntry): Promise<DBCert> {
const idty = await this.getWrittenIdtyByPubkeyForHash(entry.receiver)
const wbt = entry.written_on.split('-')
const block = (await this.blockDAL.getBlock(entry.created_on)) as DBBlock
const block = (await this.getBlock(entry.created_on)) as DBBlock
return {
issuers: [entry.issuer],
linked: true,
......@@ -1315,7 +1315,9 @@ export class FileDAL {
async resetPeers() {
await this.peerDAL.removeAll();
await this.loki.commitData();
await this.loki.flushAndTrimData();
return await this.close()
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