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[enh] Release v1.6.0

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# Version v1.5.3
## All platforms
- [enh] Home: Add feed (news)
- [enh] Menu: new menu layout, and new icon for "My operations"
- [enh] Navigation: better performance, by adding a network cache (between session if enable in settings)
- [fix] Wallet: Fix freeze on "Loading..."
- [fix] Fix locale flags (and add a flag for Esperanto)
### Desktoo
- [enh] Upgrade to Chromium 80 (NWjs v0.44.4)
### Android
- [enh] Can toggle QR code into full screen
- [enh] Show more QRcode (on a identity page, in the transactions history)
### Firefox and Chrome extension
- [enh] Allow to add Cesium as browser extension
......@@ -40,8 +40,7 @@ if (rootdir && !skip) {
let indexPath = path.join(wwwPath, 'index.html');
const indexFilter = filter('**/index.html', {restore: true});
const jsFilter = filter(['**/*.js', '!**/vendor/*', '!**/config.js'], { restore: true });
const jsFilter = filter(['*/lib/**/*.js', '*/js/vendor/**/*.js'], { restore: true });
const cssFilter = filter('**/*.css', { restore: true });
const uglifyOptions = {
toplevel: true,
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Subproject commit 5dfcf8a9e599501dbcda7a9bba4585d3a88c6ad2
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