Commit 420259dd authored by Vincent Texier's avatar Vincent Texier

issue #52 add type hinting to peer module

parent 7a449c47
import re
from typing import TypeVar, List, Type
from duniterpy.api.endpoint import endpoint
from .document import Document
from duniterpy.api.endpoint import endpoint, Endpoint
from .document import Document, MalformedDocumentError
from .block_uid import BlockUID
from ..constants import BLOCK_HASH_REGEX, PUBKEY_REGEX
# required to type hint cls in classmethod
PeerType = TypeVar('PeerType', bound='Peer')
class Peer(Document):
......@@ -35,8 +39,18 @@ class Peer(Document):
"Endpoints": re_endpoints
def __init__(self, version, currency, pubkey, block_uid,
endpoints, signature):
def __init__(self, version: int, currency: str, pubkey: str, block_uid: BlockUID,
endpoints: List[Endpoint], signature: str) -> None:
Init Peer instance
:param version: Version of the document
:param currency: Name of the currency
:param pubkey: Public key of the issuer
:param block_uid: BlockUID instance timestamp
:param endpoints: List of endpoints string
:param signature: Signature of the document
super().__init__(version, currency, [signature])
self.pubkey = pubkey
......@@ -44,7 +58,13 @@ class Peer(Document):
self.endpoints = endpoints
def from_signed_raw(cls, raw):
def from_signed_raw(cls: Type[PeerType], raw: str) -> PeerType:
Return a Peer instance from a signed raw format string
:param raw: Signed raw format string
lines = raw.splitlines(True)
n = 0
......@@ -71,11 +91,19 @@ class Peer(Document):
n += 1
signature = Peer.re_signature.match(lines[n]).group(1)
data = Peer.re_signature.match(lines[n])
if data is None:
raise MalformedDocumentError("Peer")
signature =
return cls(version, currency, pubkey, block_uid, endpoints, signature)
def raw(self):
def raw(self) -> str:
Return a raw format string of the Peer document
doc = """Version: {0}
Type: Peer
Currency: {1}
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