Commit 702c84fa authored by inso's avatar inso

Change imports + unitbase regex

parent 7712d18c
......@@ -2,7 +2,8 @@ from .block import Block, BlockUID, block_uid
from .certification import Identity, Certification, Revocation
from .membership import Membership
from .peer import endpoint, BMAEndpoint, UnknownEndpoint, Peer, SecuredBMAEndpoint
from .transaction import SimpleTransaction, Transaction, InputSource
from .transaction import SimpleTransaction, Transaction, InputSource, OutputSource, \
SIGParameter, Unlock, UnlockParameter
from .document import Document, MalformedDocumentError
from . import constants
......@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ The class Block handles Block documents.
re_time = re.compile("Time: ([0-9]+)\n")
re_mediantime = re.compile("MedianTime: ([0-9]+)\n")
re_universaldividend = re.compile("UniversalDividend: ([0-9]+)\n")
re_unitbase = re.compile("UnitBase: ([0-9])\n")
re_unitbase = re.compile("UnitBase: ([0-9]+)\n")
re_issuer = re.compile("Issuer: ({pubkey_regex})\n".format(pubkey_regex=pubkey_regex))
re_issuers_frame = re.compile("IssuersFrame: ([0-9]+)\n")
re_issuers_frame_var = re.compile("IssuersFrameVar: (0|-?[1-9]\d{0,18})\n")
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