Commit 7712d18c authored by inso's avatar inso

Fix certify parameters

parent 8d65c5c1
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
# Caner Candan <>,
......@@ -285,17 +285,17 @@ async def add(connection, identity):
r = await client.requests_post('/add', identity=identity)
return r
async def certify(connection, certification):
async def certify(connection, cert):
POST certification document
:param duniterpy.api.bma.ConnectionHandler connection: Connection handler instance
:param duniterpy.documents.certification.Certification certification: Certification document
:param duniterpy.documents.certification.Certification cert: Certification document
:rtype: aiohttp.ClientResponse
client = API(connection, URL_PATH)
r = await client.requests_post('/certify', cert=certification)
r = await client.requests_post('/certify', cert=cert)
return r
async def revoke(connection, revocation):
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