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Commit a9ba5730 authored by Vincent Texier's avatar Vincent Texier

issue #52 add type hinting to crc_pubkey module

parent 00ccf3b4
from typing import TypeVar, Type
import base58
import re
import hashlib
from ..constants import PUBKEY_REGEX
from ..helpers import ensure_str
# required to type hint cls in classmethod
CRCPubkeyType = TypeVar('CRCPubkeyType', bound='CRCPubkey')
class CRCPubkey:
......@@ -11,23 +16,39 @@ class CRCPubkey:
re_crc_pubkey = re.compile("({pubkey_regex}):([A-Za-z0-9]{{3}})".format(pubkey_regex=PUBKEY_REGEX))
def __init__(self, pubkey, crc):
def __init__(self, pubkey: str, crc: str) -> None:
Creates a pubkey with a crc
:param pubkey:
:param pubkey: Public key
:param crc: CRC
self.pubkey = pubkey
self.crc = crc
def from_str(cls, crc_pubkey):
def from_str(cls: Type[CRCPubkeyType], crc_pubkey: str) -> CRCPubkeyType:
Return CRCPubkey instance from CRC public key string
:param crc_pubkey: CRC public key
data = CRCPubkey.re_crc_pubkey.match(crc_pubkey)
if data is None:
raise Exception("Could not parse CRC public key {0}".format(crc_pubkey))
pubkey = data.group(1)
crc = data.group(2)
return cls(pubkey, crc)
def from_pubkey(cls, pubkey):
def from_pubkey(cls: Type[CRCPubkeyType], pubkey: str) -> CRCPubkeyType:
Return CRCPubkey instance from public key string
:param pubkey: Public key
hash_root = hashlib.sha256()
hash_squared = hashlib.sha256()
......@@ -37,8 +58,16 @@ class CRCPubkey:
crc = b58_checksum[:3]
return cls(pubkey, crc)
def is_valid(self):
def is_valid(self) -> bool:
Return True if CRC is valid
return CRCPubkey.from_pubkey(self.pubkey).crc == self.crc
def __str__(self):
def __str__(self) -> str:
Return string representation of instance
return "{:}:{:}".format(self.pubkey, self.crc)
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