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Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • Network
    Strictly related to the network layer implementation
    clients / python
  • enhancement
    Improvement of an exsting feature. Shouldn't be used in case of a new feature.
    clients / python / silkaj
  • Dep
    Related to external dependencies: Introduction, update, and removal. Shouldn't be used for stdlib. Can be runtime and development dependency. Can include dependency installed on the system like libsodium.
    clients / python
  • CI/CD
    Continuous integration (checks, build, format, test), continuous publication related (PyPI publication)
    clients / python
  • Authentication
    Authentication related: Chekcsum system and Seed, SeedHex, PubSec, WIF, EWIF authentication methods
    clients / python
  • TBR
    To be rejected
    clients / python
  • BBC
    Break backward compatibility
    clients / python
  • Py ≥ 3.9
    Related story requiring Python v3.9
    clients / python
  • Py ≥ 3.10
    Related story requiring Python v3.10
    clients / python