Commit 71d4c9aa authored by Moul's avatar Moul

[test] #149: call the CLI with Click testing utility

As 'silkaj' can not be found in the PATH on the CI
parent efdfdc8e
from subprocess import check_output
from click.testing import CliRunner
from silkaj.cli_tools import cli
def test_info():
"""tests 'silkaj info' returns a number of members"""
output = check_output(["silkaj", "info"])
assert "Number of members" in output.decode()
result = CliRunner().invoke(cli, ["info"])
assert "Number of members" in result.output
def test_wot():
"""tests 'silkaj wot' returns a number of members"""
output = check_output(["silkaj", "wot", "moul"]).decode()
output = CliRunner().invoke(cli, ["wot", "moul"]).output
assert "moul (GfKER…) from block #0-E3B0C44298FC1…" in output
assert "received_expire" in output
assert "received" in output
......@@ -22,16 +23,17 @@ def test_wot():
def test_id():
"""tests 'silkaj id' certification on gtest"""
output = check_output(["silkaj", "--gtest", "id", "elois"]).decode()
assert "D7CYHJXjaH4j7zRdWngUbsURPnSnjsCYtvo6f8dvW3C" in output
result = CliRunner().invoke(cli, ["--gtest", "id", "elois"])
assert "D7CYHJXjaH4j7zRdWngUbsURPnSnjsCYtvo6f8dvW3C" in result.output
def test_amount():
"""tests 'silkaj amount' command on gtest"""
output = check_output(
["silkaj", "--gtest", "balance", "3dnbnYY9i2bHMQUGyFp5GVvJ2wBkVpus31cDJA5cfRpj"]
result = CliRunner().invoke(
cli, ["--gtest", "balance", "3dnbnYY9i2bHMQUGyFp5GVvJ2wBkVpus31cDJA5cfRpj"]
output = result.output
assert "Total amount of: 3dnbnYY9i2bHMQUGyFp5GVvJ2wBkVpus31cDJA5cfRpj" in output
assert "Total Relative =" in output
assert "UD ĞTest" in output
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