Commit 3e5e916f authored by Millicent Billette's avatar Millicent Billette

cross reference re-inverting build order

parent 30555e61
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......@@ -3,22 +3,21 @@
cd rst;
echo generate money in png from svg in html
echo build html document
echo "build html document"
make html;
echo create folder for cards sets
mkdir -p ./build/html/_static/cards
# echo generate "revolution" cards set from inkscape layers
# ./ ./source/_static/cards/revolution ./build/html/_static/cards
echo "generate logo and favicon"
echo generate help sheets from cards and money
echo "generate help sheets from cards and money"
echo generate logo and favicon
echo "generate money in png from svg in html"
echo "create folder for cards sets"
mkdir -p ./build/html/_static/cards
# echo "generate \"revolution\" cards set from inkscape layers"
# ./ ./source/_static/cards/revolution ./build/html/_static/cards
cd ${current_dir};
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