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## Poetry Docker
## Poetry containers
Docker images made for Duniter client projects written in Python using Poetry.
The goal of this repository is to provide containers to Duniter client projects written in Python which uses Poetry.
There is currently Silkaj, and DuniterPy using them.
Images based on [official Python3 images](https://hub.docker.com/_/python?tab=description), with Debian Buster Slim, [Poetry](ttps://poetry.eustace.io/), and libsodium
The containers are based on the [official Python containers](https://hub.docker.com/_/python?tab=description), based on Debian Buster Slim, with [Poetry](https://poetry.eustace.io/), `libsodium`, and further development tools installed on top.
The goal is to provide all supported Python versions by the Python project.
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