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### HEAD Rebound policy
#### Local HEAD
The local node issues a new HEAD every time the last block of its local branch changes, this change can have two causes:
1. Arrival of a new block valid and stackable on the local branch
2. Local branch change caused by the fork resolution algorithm
Each time the local node emits a new head, it sends it to all established ws2p connections.
### Remotes HEADs
When the local node receives a HEAD message, it checks whether all of the following conditions are verified :
1. The head has a valid format and a valid signature
2. The head has a block number equal to or greater than all cached heads for the same ws2pid
3. If the block number is equal to the cached head, the head is of a higher or equal version.
4. If the block number is equal to the cached head, and the version is identical, the step field is smaller.
If all these conditions are respected, perform the following actions:
1. Save this head in the headCache, overwrite the existing head if it exists.
2. Increment the step field of this head then send it to all established ws2p connections.
### Documents rebound policy
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