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ğchange is a market place application (web and mobile), compatible with [Duniter crypto-currencies]( like [Ğ1](
## Documentation
- [Installation](./doc/, for end-users;
- Development documentation, for contributors:
* [Compile from source](./doc/
# Compile from sources
## Prerequisite
To build Cesium, you will have to:
- Installing build tools:
sudo apt-get install build-essential
- Installing [nvm](
wget -qO- | bash
> Then reload your terminal, for instance by executing the commande `bash`
- Configure NodeJS to use a version 8:
nvm install 5
- Installing node.js build tools:
npm install -g gulp bower@1.8.0 cordova@6.5.0 ionic@1.7.16
## Get the source code
- Getting source and installing project dependencies:
git clone
cd gchange-client
git submodule update --init
git submodule sync
npm install
- Installing Cordova plugins (need for platforms specific builds)
ionic state restore
ionic browser add crosswalk@
## Prepare environment, then compile and launch
- To configure your build environment :
* Add your environment config into `app/config.json`
* Update default configuration, using the command:
gulp config --env <your_env_name>
> This will update the configuration file used by cesium, at `www/js/config.json`.
- Compiling and running Cesium:
npm start
> or alternative: `ionic serve`
## Best pratices for development
ğchange could be run on phone devices. Please read [performance tips on AgularJS + Ionic ](
before starting to contribute.
Read also [Angular performance for large applicatoins](
# Installation (for end-users)
## From the web archive
- Download ZIP archive, from the releases section;
- Unzip in a empty folder;
- Open the file `index.html` with your web browser.
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