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......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ License Ğ1 - v0.2.5
Any certification operation of a new member of Ğ1 must first be accompanied by the transmission of this license of the currency Ğ1. The certifier must ensure that the license has been studied, understood and accepted by the person who will be certified.
Any meeting event about Ḡ1 should include the acknowledgment of this license, which can be read out loud, or given by any means.
Ğ1 Web of Trust (Ğ1 WoT)
......@@ -15,6 +16,18 @@ Any certification operation of a new member of Ğ1 must first be accompanied by
**Warning:** Certifying a new member of the WoT is more than simply meeting the person to be certified. When certifying someone, you assure the Ğ1 community that you know this person well enough to be able to contact him anytime, and may detect duplicate accounts or other problems (disappearance, etc.).
**Highly recommended advices**
Knowing a person well implies that you are able to contact her by many different means (physically, digitally, other...) but also
that you know some other people who know her as well and can contact her as easily. Notably, if you don't know well the other certifiers it's a strong sign that you don't know the person well enough. A certification made in this context will alert all the Ğ1 community.
In a case of insufficient knowledge, you should not certify.
Never certify alone, but always with another member of the Web of Trust to avoid any software misuse. In case of any error,
immediately contact other community member of the Ğ1 WoT.
Verify that the person to be certified masters her account operations : a good way to verify it is to transfer some Ğ1 to the target account, and to ask then a refund to your own account. This operation will assure you that the certified person masters its private key.
When you are a member of Ğ1 and you are about to certify a new account identified by a public key:
**You have to make sure:**
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