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[enh] #7: Srypt Auth: Use DuniterPy code

- remove and adapt code
parent 61a0aeef
......@@ -18,11 +18,12 @@ along with Silkaj. If not, see <>.
from silkaj.crypto_tools import get_publickey_from_seed, b58_decode
from import message_exit
from nacl import encoding
import nacl.hash
from getpass import getpass
from os import path
from re import compile, search
from duniterpy.key import SigningKey
from duniterpy.key import ScryptParams
def auth_method(cli_args):
if cli_args.contains_switches("auth-seed"):
......@@ -99,17 +100,18 @@ def auth_by_scrypt(cli_args):
if n.isnumeric() and r.isnumeric() and p.isnumeric():
n, r, p = int(n), int(r), int(p)
scrypt_params = ScryptParams(int(n), int(r), int(p))
if n <= 0 or n > 65536 or r <= 0 or r > 512 or p <= 0 or p > 32:
message_exit("Error: the values of Scrypt parameters are not good")
message_exit("one of n, r or p is not a number")
scrypt_params = None
print("Using default values. Scrypt parameters not specified or wrong format")
n, r, p = 4096, 16, 1
print("Scrypt parameters used: N: {0}, r: {1}, p: {2}".format(n, r, p))
return get_seed_from_scrypt(salt, password, n, r, p)
return SigningKey.from_credentials(salt, password, scrypt_params)
def auth_by_wif():
......@@ -121,9 +123,3 @@ def auth_by_wif():
return SigningKey.from_wif_or_ewif_hex(wif_hex, password)
except Exception as error:
def get_seed_from_scrypt(salt, password, N=4096, r=16, p=1):
seed = hash(password, salt, N, r, p, 32)
seedhex = encoding.HexEncoder.encode(seed).decode("utf-8")
return seedhex
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