Commit add0a80c authored by Moul's avatar Moul
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[fix] non BMA endpoints wasn't well handled:

- in case of non BASIC_MERKLED_API: empty endpoint was also requested.
parent 95fec67a
......@@ -44,8 +44,10 @@ def parse_endpoints(rep):
if (rep[i]["status"] == "UP"):
while j < len(rep[i]["endpoints"]):
ep = parse_endpoint(rep[i]["endpoints"][j])
ep["pubkey"] = rep[i]["pubkey"]
if ep is None:
ep["pubkey"] = rep[i]["pubkey"]
i+=1; j = 0
return (endpoints)
......@@ -65,7 +67,9 @@ def parse_endpoint(rep):
ep = endpoint_type(sep[2], ep)
if len(sep) == 3:
ep = endpoint_type(sep[1], ep)
return (ep)
return (ep)
return (None)
def endpoint_type(sep, ep):
typ = check_ip(sep)
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