Commit c4f43465 authored by Moul's avatar Moul

[test] #233: Test passed values to transaction_amount()

parent 2f290fa5
import pytest
from silkaj.tx import transaction_amount
from import UDValue
async def test_transaction_amount():
"""test passed amounts passed tx command
float ≠ 100 does not give the exact value"""
assert await transaction_amount(141.89, None, None) == 14189
assert await transaction_amount(141.99, None, None) == 14199
assert await transaction_amount(141.01, None, None) == 14101
ud_value = await UDValue().ud_value
assert await transaction_amount(None, 1.1, None) == round(1.1 * ud_value)
assert await transaction_amount(None, 1.9, None) == round(1.9 * ud_value)
assert await transaction_amount(None, 1.0001, None) == round(1.0001 * ud_value)
assert await transaction_amount(None, 9.9999, None) == round(9.9999 * ud_value)
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