Commit d0a711a3 authored by Moul's avatar Moul
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[enh] #7: net: peer discovering do no longer requires get_request:

- add f() to navigate among leaves of the Merkel API for the peers
- add f() to generate duniterpy endpoint format
- fix broken discovery f()
parent 62335f98
......@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ async def network_info(discover):
(i, p.get(i, None)) for i in ("domain", "port", "ip4", "ip6", "pubkey")
for p in discover_peers(discover)
for p in await discover_peers(discover)
# Todo : renommer endpoints en info
client = ClientInstance().client
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ import logging
from sys import exit, stderr
from commandlines import Command
from duniterpy.api.client import Client
from duniterpy.api.bma import blockchain
from duniterpy.api.bma import blockchain, network
from silkaj.constants import (
......@@ -33,14 +33,15 @@ from silkaj.constants import (
def discover_peers(discover):
async def discover_peers(discover):
From first node, discover his known nodes.
Remove from know nodes if nodes are down.
If discover option: scan all network to know all nodes.
display percentage discovering.
endpoints = parse_endpoints(get_request("network/peers")["peers"])
client = ClientInstance().client
endpoints = await get_peers_among_leaves(client)
if discover:
print("Discovering network")
for i, endpoint in enumerate(endpoints):
......@@ -49,23 +50,38 @@ def discover_peers(discover):
if best_node(endpoint, False) is None:
elif discover:
endpoints = recursive_discovering(endpoints, endpoint)
endpoints = await recursive_discovering(endpoints, endpoint)
return endpoints
def recursive_discovering(endpoints):
async def recursive_discovering(endpoints, endpoint):
Discover recursively new nodes.
If new node found add it and try to found new node from his known nodes.
news = parse_endpoints(get_request("network/peers")["peers"])
api = generate_duniterpy_endpoint_format(endpoint)
sub_client = Client(api)
news = await get_peers_among_leaves(sub_client)
await sub_client.close()
for new in news:
if best_node(new, False) is not None and new not in endpoints:
recursive_discovering(endpoints, new)
await recursive_discovering(endpoints, new)
return endpoints
async def get_peers_among_leaves(client):
Browse among leaves of peers to retrieve the other peers’ endpoints
leaves = await client(network.peers, leaves=True)
peers = list()
for leaf in leaves["leaves"]:
leaf_response = await client(network.peers, leaf=leaf)
return parse_endpoints(peers)
def parse_endpoints(rep):
endpoints[]{"domain", "ip4", "ip6", "pubkey"}
......@@ -87,6 +103,15 @@ def parse_endpoints(rep):
return endpoints
def generate_duniterpy_endpoint_format(ep):
api = "BASIC_MERKLED_API " if ep["port"] != "443" else "BMAS "
api += ep.get("domain") + " " if "domain" in ep else ""
api += ep.get("ip4") + " " if "ip4" in ep else ""
api += ep.get("ip6") + " " if "ip6" in ep else ""
api += ep.get("port")
return api
def singleton(class_):
instances = {}
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