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    #changes done : · 5a673452
    mlsuyt2718 authored
    #- = in test not compliant => = compliant in test
    #- echo -e replace with printf n%b....%bn
    #- change test root user with compliant syntax POSIX : replace bracket with test and replace 1000 with 1000
    #- add > /dev/null for each function in order to avoid print out output of commands
    #- remove general test for distribution, because test if in functions now
    #- in function installPython remove tar.gz
    #- translate color from french to english
    #- change [[ ]] in condition in check installation Python version function into [ ] and use variable substitution in order to be compliant with POSIX
    #- add rm -rf /usr/src/cmake.tar.gz in installOrBuildCmake function
    #- check if Python folder exist in /usr/src before to build python 3.7.3
    #- check if cmake 3.14.3 folder exists in /usr/src before to build it
    #- translate message at the beginning of script from french to english
    #- modify getGmixerProject in order to test if project directory exists and in this case we don't clone the project, we pull modifications
    #- modfiy generateConfFolder function : if config folder exists do nothing
    #- function : modifiyConfigurationFile for modify config.json automatically
    #- function : checkCommand which checks error in command
    #- function : printOkKo which print out Ok or Ko for each call to functions
    #- function : checkInstallCmake which check installation of cmake
    #- replace tilde with /home/ben for POSIX compliant