Commit f01ffba0 authored by Pascal Engélibert's avatar Pascal Engélibert

Warn client if amount < 1

parent e518e81b
......@@ -268,11 +268,17 @@ def mix(db_txs, amount, base, sender, path, host, proxy=None, proxy_onion_only=F
async def test1(db_txs, host, receiver, amount=1000, layers=3, proxy=None, proxy_onion_only=False, send_tx=True):
if amount < 100:
print("!! Warning !!\nYou are going to send less than 1.00, all this money will be destroyed by Duniter.\nPlease always send 1.00 or more.")
if input("Do it anyway? [yn]: ").lower() != "y":
print("IDs of the expeditor account:")
salt = getpass.getpass("Salt: ")
password = getpass.getpass("Psw: ")
keys = SigningKey.from_credentials(salt, password) # sender
if input("OK? [yn]: ").lower() != "y":
if input("Is that the right pubkey? [yn]: ").lower() != "y":
peers = get_peers(host, proxy, proxy_onion_only)
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