Commit ff29b6fb authored by Pascal Engélibert's avatar Pascal Engélibert 🚴

Fix: type error in mix

parent a51edc97
...@@ -585,10 +585,9 @@ class ClientThread(Thread): ...@@ -585,10 +585,9 @@ class ClientThread(Thread):
for tx in self.pool: for tx in self.pool:
if tx.tx_sent: if tx.tx_sent:
continue continue
if tx.need_send or tx.need_confirm: if tx.need_send or tx.need_confirm:
continue continue
wanted_output = tx.in_amount +":"+ tx.in_base +":SIG("+ self.keys.pubkey +")" wanted_output = str(tx.in_amount) +":"+ str(tx.in_base) +":SIG("+ self.keys.pubkey +")"
ok = False ok = False
for in_tx in history["history"]["received"]: for in_tx in history["history"]["received"]:
if (not "output" in in_tx and not "outputs" in in_tx) or not "comment" in in_tx: if (not "output" in in_tx and not "outputs" in in_tx) or not "comment" in in_tx:
...@@ -599,13 +598,12 @@ class ClientThread(Thread): ...@@ -599,13 +598,12 @@ class ClientThread(Thread):
break break
if ok: if ok:
ready_txs.append(tx) ready_txs.append(tx)
if len(ready_txs) >= self.conf["mix"]["mix_min_txs"]: if len(ready_txs) >= self.conf["mix"]["mix_min_txs"]:
random.shuffle(ready_txs) random.shuffle(ready_txs)
for tx in ready_txs: for tx in ready_txs:
try: try:
sendTransaction(self.keys, tx.receiver_pubkey, int(tx.out_amount), gen_comment(tx.out_seeds)) sendTransaction(self.keys, tx.receiver_pubkey, tx.out_amount, gen_comment(tx.out_seeds))
tx.tx_sent = True tx.tx_sent = True
tx.export_ubjson(self.db_txs) tx.export_ubjson(self.db_txs)
except Exception as e: except Exception as e:
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