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This version can be used on the Ğ1 network.


Category Arch Type Size File
Linux (Ubuntu/Debian) x64 Desktop 118.01 MiB 📦 duniter-desktop-v1.6.17-linux-x64.deb
Linux (Ubuntu/Debian) x64 Server 47.05 MiB 📦 duniter-server-v1.6.17-linux-x64.deb
Linux (generic) x64 Desktop 115.44 MiB 📦 duniter-desktop-v1.6.17-linux-x64.tar.gz
Windows x64 Desktop 85 MiB 📦 duniter-desktop-v1.6.17-windows-x64.exe
Raspbian arm Server 57 MiB 📦 duniter-server-v1.6.17-linux-armv7l.deb
Source code (tar.gz) (unknown) 🗜 archive.tar.gz
Source code (zip) (unknown) 🗜 archive.zip