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Check configuration file changes at startup

requires 'jq' to sort the files before comparing them.
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......@@ -59,6 +59,9 @@ VOLUME /etc/duniter
# expose ports
EXPOSE 9220 10901 20901
# install jq
RUN apk add jq
# use duniter user
USER duniter
WORKDIR /duniter
......@@ -37,6 +37,18 @@ if [ "$manual_config" = true ]; then
cp "$config/conf.json.orig" "$config/conf.json"
md5sum "$config/conf.json.orig" >"$md5_file"
# Log differences between initial, old and current conf file
jq --sort-keys -r . "$config/conf.json.orig" >"$config/conf.json.orig.sorted"
jq --sort-keys -r . "$config/conf.json" >"$config/conf.json.sorted"
if [ -f "$config/conf.json.old" ]; then
jq --sort-keys -r . "$config/conf.json.old" >"$config/conf.json.old.sorted"
if ! diff -q "$config/conf.json.old.sorted" "$config/conf.json.orig.sorted"; then
diff -u "$config/conf.json.old.sorted" "$config/conf.json.orig.sorted"
if ! diff -q "$config/conf.json.orig.sorted" "$config/conf.json.sorted"; then
diff -u "$config/conf.json.orig.sorted" "$config/conf.json.sorted"
# Auto start synchronization when enabled and starting from scratch
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