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Commit d01f2505 authored by Éloïs's avatar Éloïs
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fix(cli): --max-old-space-size is not conventional

parent 6733b275
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......@@ -39,11 +39,7 @@ fn gen_webstart_args(args: &DuniterWebstartArgs, duniter_ts_args: &mut Vec<Strin
pub(crate) fn gen_duniter_ts_args(args: &DuniterArgs, duniter_js_exe: String) -> Vec<String> {
let mut duniter_ts_args = vec![
let mut duniter_ts_args = vec!["--max-old-space-size=4096".to_owned(), duniter_js_exe];
if let Some(ref home) = args.home {
duniter_ts_args.push(home.to_str().expect("invalid home path").to_owned());
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