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......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ It is of the utmost importance that we remain free from any state or corporation
* __In-degree of vertex A__: number of incoming edges / head ends to A.
![degress of a vertex diagram]({filename}/images/wiki/degrees.jpg)
![degress of a vertex diagram]({static}/images/wiki/degrees.jpg)
* __Path__: -aka “walk”- path to follow to get from vertex A to vertex B.
......@@ -195,7 +195,7 @@ As soon as the genesis block has been created, the other identities can start mi
The distance rule is there to curb the maximum size of a Sybil region as well as that of the monetary community as a whole. The `xpercent` parameter prevents the creation of a ‘faction’ that could take hold of the blockchain.
![Sybil region]({filename}/images/wiki/wot-sybil.jpg)
![Sybil region]({static}/images/wiki/wot-sybil.jpg)
The Sybil regions are isolated from the rest of the graph in the sense that they can only receive certifications from other ill-intentioned Sybil members. As a consequence, the shortest edge/path between a legitimate member and a Sybil one has to have the attack’s author as an endpoint. The maximum depth the Sybil region can attain is therefore contingent on the distance between the attacking edge-s- and the xpercent% closest referent members, this distance is known as `stepAttackers`.
The maximum size of a Sybil region created by `sigQty` members depends on the L parameter, defined as L = sigQty/sigStock:
......@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@ However we know for a fact that members will never use all of their available ce
Our goal with the Ğ1 is to create a community of about one million members enjoying the world’s first true [catallaxy]( -free economy with a spontaneous order of things-. Let’s see how we can tweak the pair of sigQty and stepMax- to reach this size:
![graphe WoTmoy en fonction de sigQty et stepMax]({filename}/images/wiki/graph-WoTmoy.png)
![graphe WoTmoy en fonction de sigQty et stepMax]({static}/images/wiki/graph-WoTmoy.png)
The maximum size of a Sybil region grows linearly with `sigQty` but exponentially with `stepMax`. Logic has it that we need to keep `stepMax` as low as possible to ensure sufficient strength to the web. The above graph shows that the lowest value of `stepMax` for a web of a million members is of 5. This is an order of magnitude and is likely to be much higher in reality, we cannot measure it for sure.
......@@ -239,7 +239,7 @@ To help us deter a Sybil attack, we’ve decided to impose a minimum period of t
Here is a graph showing the evolution of a Sybil region with the variation of `sigPeriod`:
![graph of the WoT's size according to sigPeriod and stepAttackers]({filename}/images/wiki/impact_sig_period.png)
![graph of the WoT's size according to sigPeriod and stepAttackers]({static}/images/wiki/impact_sig_period.png)
As you’ll easily be able to tell, there is a strong link between the growth speed of the region and `sigPeriod`. As evidenced here, we need a `sigPeriod` high enough in order to ensure that the legitimate web can grow at least as fast as a Sybil region.
In addition, the higher `sigPeriod` is, the more members will exercise their certification power gingerly, the action coming at a higher ‘cost’.
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