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# Currency-Monit Module
## Installation for developers
### Requirements
* Nodejs 9.x.x
* Python
### Dependencies and transpilation
npm install -g yarn
### First sync and start
Synchronize on a currency (for example Ğ1):
node run.js sync
Then start currency-monit:
node run.js currency-monit
> Tip: for development purposes you may not need the whole blockchain which is long to index. You can limit the sync to 1000 for example to speed up the process:
> node run.js sync 1000
### Access
Then visit [http://localhost:10500](http://localhost:10500).
# Currency-Monit Module
Requires Duniter 1.6.22 or higher
## Installation
**Warning: only tar.gz format works ! Don't use zip format.**
### If you use web-ui, install it very easy:
1. go to localhost:9220/#/main/settings/modules
and at the foot of page enter:
<<<<<<< HEAD
>>>>>>> dev2
then clik to button INSTALL THIS MODULE
2. restart your duniter node
### If you don't use web-ui:
1. download and uncompress archive at the location of your choice
2. plug the plugin to your duniter node:
<<<<<<< HEAD
duniter plug
duniter plug duniter-currency-monit@0.4.5
>>>>>>> dev2
3. Stop your duniter node and restart it in the following method:
duniter currency-monit [host] [port]
then visit `host:port` (default is `localhost:10500`)
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