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Initial commit for Silkaj website.

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## Silkaj website
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8"></meta>
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<link type=""ref="favicon.ico"></link>
body {
background-color : antiquewhite;
<title>Silkaj – Command line client for Duniter</title>
Command line client for <a href="">Duniter</a>
<br />
network written with Python3.
<br />
<img src="images/silkaj6terbig.png" height=100 />
<br />
<li>information about currency</li>
<li>issuers difficulty to generate next block</li>
<li>network view of nodes</li>
<li>list of last issuers</li>
<li>send transactions</li>
<li>get account amount</li>
<img src="images/silkaj_diffi.png" height=280 />
<br />
<a href="">git repository</a>
./silkaj transaction --auth-scrypt --amount=X --output=GfKERHnJTYzKhKUma5h1uWhetbA8yHKymhVH2raf2aCP --comment="Thanks for Silkaj"
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