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Title: Ğ1-Test : the test blockchain
Date: 2017-06-07 16:00
Category: Ğ1
Tags: Ğ1, Ğ1-Test
Slug: g1-test-restarted
Authors: cgeek
Thumbnail: images/g1-test.png
The test blockchain is **officially restarted**, the first blocks have just been calculated.
The network consists of 7 initial members, with parameters substantially equivalent to those of the *Ğ1* (/g1-go).
## How useful?
If we already have a "production" currency, the Ğ1 (pronounced "june"), then why with a second currency, the *Ğ1-Test*?
As the name suggests, the Ğ1-Test currency is made for *tests*: this is the sandbox in which we can deploy the new Duniter versions to test them, before intervening on the main network (The network Ğ1).
It would be a pity to notice that a new version would contain a major bug, and to deploy this version directly on the network Ğ1: the damage could be considerable (network inoperative, money stuck, etc.) We could have detected the problems by first going through the test currency. In addition, a new version takes time to deploy: each user needs to update their Duniter software, which can take days, weeks or months depending on the number of users.
The test network is therefore the antechamber of the main network, it is a guarantee of its stability.
This sandbox also benefits Duniter customers such as [Sakia](, [Cesium]( or [Silkaj](https: //, which can test new features without risking users to lose their currency, or cause bugs that make the software unusable.
## Is it a currency that will grow in value?
We have chosen the parameters of Ğ1-Test **so that it takes no value, or very little**: money is created at a much higher rate than the main currency, making it possible to save minimal.
## Can I register?
Yes, and you will have much easier to sign up than on the network Ğ1: the license does not apply, you can be certified and certified in a light way without hindering anyone.
You can use Sakia or [Cesium for Ğ1-Test](
To run Sakia on Ğ1-Test, use the command:
sakia --currency g1-test
Note also that the Ğ1-Test network can be restarted from scratch if necessary.
## Is certification automatic?
No: as in Ğ1, you will have to apply for certifications from the current members of the test currency. If you do not know anyone, you can post a message on a social network like Mastodon or Diaspora* with the tag #ğ1-test to attract some certifiers. You will probably have to present yourself a minimum to convince them to certify you, it is a habit taken in previous test currencies.
And then, this prepares for the fact that certification is anything but automatic in the production network Ğ1.
## What are the currency settings?
They are roughly the same as the Ğ1, but with shorter deadlines:
Currency: "g1-test"
C: 0.0488 # 4.88%
Dt: 86400 # of all the 24h precise
DtReeval: 631152 # DU re-evaluated every 7,305 days
Ud0: 1000 # 10.00 Ğ1
UdTime0: 1496527200 # 04 June 2017 00:00: 1st DU
UdReevalTime0: 1496570400 # 04 June 2017 12h00: 1st revaluation of the DU
SigPeriod: 86400 # 24 hours waiting time
SigStock: 100 # 100 certifications
SigWindow: 1051920 # 12,175 days
SigValidity: 12623040 # 146,1 = more than 4 months
SigQty: 5 # 5 signatures
IdtyWindow: 1051920 # 12,175 days
MsWindow: 1051920 # 12,175 days
Xpercent: 0.8 # 80%
MsValidity: 6311520 # 73,05 days
StepMax: 5 # 5 steps
MedianTimeBlocks: 24 # 24 blocks = 24/2 delay = 12 blocks = 12 * 2'30 = 30min
AvgGenTime: 150 # 2'30 "of calculation per block on average
DtDiffEval: 12 # Reassessment of difficulty every 12 blocks => 30 minutes
PercentRot: 0.67 # => 33.5% of calculators are excluded
## How do I add my node to the network Ğ1-Test?
[On the home page](/), click the orange "Ğ1-TEST" button to download the latest version available on this network. Then synchronize to the network:
### With Duniter Desktop:
### With Duniter Server:
Duniter sync 443
See you soon on Ğ1-Test!
Title: RML9 : videos of the technical days
Date: 2017-06-07 09:00
Category: RML
Tags: site, blog
Slug: videos-rml9
Authors: cgeek
Thumbnail: /images/play.svg
## Videos of the two technical days are now available!
Watch back at your own pace the tutorials to develop plugins Sakia, Cesium and Duniter.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
You will also find the interventions of:
* Moul about the use of Silkaj and the HTTP API of Duniter
* Turtle about [paperwallet](
* Gpsqueeek for the installation of Duniter on an Internet brick
* Eloïs which presents its specialized node [duniter-currency-monit](
* Kimamila which presents the new features of Cesium
## RML10 in Montpellier
Rendez-vous for the next technical interventions of [**RML10 from 16 to 19 NOVEMBER 2017 in MONTPELLIER**](!
Title: Duniter at the RMLL 2017 in Saint-Étienne !
Date: 2017-06-13
Category: RML
Tags: RMLL2017
Slug: duniter-rmll2017
Authors: cgeek
Thumbnail: /images/calendar.svg
The 2017 Worldwide Free Software Meeting (RMLL) will take place in Saint-Étienne from 1st to 7th July 2017.
Two developers of the Duniter team will be rushed to the spot to talk to you about libre currency, Ğ1 and its ecosystem software ! We offer **2 lectures on Thursday, July 6**, in french.
### Conference #1
#### "If exchange is free, where is the libre money? "
The conference will take place *on Thursday, 6 July 2017 at 09:20*, room J106. Duration: 20 min.
Speaker: cgeek
### Conference #2
#### "Libre money for a free society"
The conference will take place *on Thursday 6 July 2017 at 2 pm*, room J106. Duration: 40 min.
Speaker: Moul
[]( money-free-for-a-company-free)
### Notes
It is very likely that the room J106 is a classroom, thus comprising about twenty places.
Title: Duniter version 1.3
Date: 2017-06-13
Category: Technique
Tags: release
Slug: duniter-version-1.3
Authors: cgeek
Thumbnail: /images/box.svg
Duniter version 1.3 is now [available for download](!
## News
### Performances
The main characteristic of this new version is certainly the speed of the software to record new blocks: in version 1.2, the initial synchronization had become particularly long as the blockchain progressed. ARM nodes, often equipped with low-performance SD cards compared to conventional hard drives or SSDs, were particularly slow to process new blocks.
From now on, the reception of new blocks and the initial synchronization are up to 200 times faster than before!
As an indication, the initial synchronization takes less than 15 minutes to synchronize 26,000 blocks on a Raspberry PI 3. It could take [more than 2 days in version 1.2]( livebox/2169/30).
### The arrival of modules!
It was a feature [announced during the RML9 at Le Havre] (/videos-rml9): Duniter 1.3 would connect modules on its own node!
As an example, it is now possible to add [the duniter-currency-monit plugin]( to its local node:
<img class="screenshot" src="/images/duniter-1.3/g1-monit.png"> </img>
A documentation of the modules is available on the [Wiki] (wiki/duniter/modules/).
### Cesium is no longer delivered by default
The Cesium client was historically delivered with Duniter. With the arrival of modules, this choice to install Cesium is left to everyone. The address of the Cesium module is:
## Synchronization
> <span class="icon">![](/images/icons/white_check_mark.png)</span> No need to resynchronize.
## Compatibility
> <span class="icon">![](/images/icons/white_check_mark.png)</span> Compatible with Ğ1.
## Update version
* Link to [install the new version] ( from a fresh workstation
* Link to [upgrade to the new version] ( from an existing installation
Title: Rework of the website /en !
Date: 2017-06-14
Modified: 2017-06-14 13:18
Category: Divers
Tags: site, blog
Slug: rework-of-website
Authors: cgeek
Thumbnail: /images/www.svg
Some people may have noticed it : the French version of had changed its look for quite a while ! It was time to adapt the english website to have the same look'n'feel.
In reality, it goes beyond a simple ergonomic change. Small tour of the owner.
## A new ergonomics
First, the ergonomics was revised: we wanted the site to be more attractive and not hinder its consultation. Some extra images and a revised layout avoid a too austere reception:
## A fully editable site
One of the great novelties: the site is now [entirely editable](/wiki/improve-the-site/)!
You will find on each page in the sidebar a button "Edit page on GitHub" or "Edit article on GitHub". It looks like this:
You will be able to propose modifications or even add new content to this site. A simple validation of our part, and here is the modified site!
## A wiki!
The edition of the site takes on its full meaning with the appearance of a [Wiki](/wiki) part: it allows to centralize the known resources about Duniter.
So it becomes easier to accompany newcomers by directing them to relevant articles and tutorials, while providing a knowledge base for ourselves.
#### Hope you like this new version!
Title: Devenir membre de la toile de confiance Ğ1
Title: Becoming a member of the Ğ1 web of trust
Order: 9
Date: 2017-04-03
Slug: devenir-membre
Slug: become-member
Authors: cgeek, galuel
> **/!\ L'utilisation de la la monnaie Ğ1 suppose l'acceptation de sa licence, dont vous trouverez une copie ci-dessous.**
> ** /! \ The use of currency Ğ1 implies the acceptance of its license, a copy of which is given below. **
<center id="licence_g1">[Télécharger la Licence Ğ1 (format texte)](/fr/files/licence_g1.txt)</center>
<Center id = "license_g1"> [Download License Ğ1 (text format)](./../../../files/license_g1.txt) </ center>
<iframe width="100%" height="300px" src="/fr/files/licence_g1.txt"></iframe>
<Iframe width = "100%" height = "300px" src = "../../../files/license_g1.txt"> </ iframe>
> Une fois la licence reçue, lue et acceptée, le processus pour devenir membre de la TdC Ğ1 passe par la création d'un ID (votre identifiant / pseudo) et d'une paire (clé privée / clé publique) si possible [de façon sécurisée]( La clé publique devient un numéro de compte utilisable uniquement par celui qui possède la clé privée, laquelle se construit par une autre paire (phrase secrète / password) = clé privée, qu'il faut précieusement garder pour soi.
> Once the license is received, read and accepted, the process to become a member of the Ğ1 WoT goes through the creation of an ID (your identifier / nicname) and a pair (private key / public key) [if possible in a secure way] ( The public key becomes an account number that can only be used by the person who owns the private key, which is constructed by another pair (passphrase / password) = private key, which must be carefully kept for oneself.
> Le plus efficace pour réaliser cela consiste à utiliser l'un des clients Duniter Ğ1 officiels :
> The most effective to achieve this is to use one of Duniter Ğ1 official clients:
> * Silkaj
> * Sakia
> * Cesium
> Pour des raisons de sécurité il sera préférable de générer votre paire de clés en étant offline et il est conseillé de ne jamais saisir votre clé privée membre (qui est la source de votre Dividende Universel Ğ1) sur une application connectée ou un site web externe (Cesium qui apparaît sous la forme de pages web peut parfaitement être installé et utilisé sur votre propre PC, il est d'ailleurs embarqué nativement avec le serveur Duniter dans ce but, proposant ainsi une application 100% client / serveur).
> For security reasons it will be better to generate your key pair by being offline and it is advisable never to enter your member private key (which is the source of your Universal Dividend Ğ1) on a connected application or an external website (Cesium which appears in the form of web pages can perfectly be installed and used on your own PC, it is also natively embedded with the Duniter server for this purpose, thus offering a 100% client / server application).
> Une fois votre paire de clés créée, vous devez générer un document Duniter de révocation, qui vous assure de pouvoir annuler votre compte en cas de problème futur que vous devrez garder précieusement.
> Once you create your key pair, you must generate a revocation Duniter document, which ensures that you can cancel your account in the event of a future problem that you will need to keep in a safe place.
> Ensuite vous générez un document Duniter de demande pour devenir membre, lequel devra être certifié par des personnes qui vous connaissent suffisamment bien (voir impérativement la licence de la monnaie Ğ1 à ce propos) et qui sont déjà membres de la TdC Ğ1. Il est donc plus efficace de s'assurer préalablement que au moins 5 membres de la TdC Ğ1 vous connaissent suffisamment bien et accepteront ainsi de certifier votre clé publique, avant de commencer le processus d'inscription.
> Then you generate a Duniter application document to become a member, which must be certified by people who know you well enough (see the license of currency Ğ1 in this regard) and who are already members of the Ğ1 WoT. It is therefore more efficient to ensure that at least 5 members of the Ğ1 WoT know you well enough and will thus agree to certify your public key before starting the registration process.
> Il faudra 5 certifications pour que votre inscription puisse être inscrite dans la blockchain Ğ1. Toutefois à cause des règles de temps (1 signature par personne tous les 5 jours), et de calcul (calculs des blocs par le réseau Duniter Ğ1) cette opération finale pourra prendre du temps (plusieurs jours, voire plusieurs semaines selon les cas). Si votre opération n'est pas validée au bout de 2 mois il faudra la recommencer.
> It will take 5 certifications to be registered in Ğ1 blockchain. However, due to time rules (1 signature per person every 5 days) and calculation (block calculations by the Duniter network Ğ1), this final operation may take some time (several days or even weeks depending on the case). If your operation is not validated after 2 months it will have to be restarted.
> Note : Duniter vous permet de générer autant de comptes non-membres que voulu. Un conseil de gestion est donc de faire de petits virements sur ces comptes d'appoint (ou portes-monnaie), possédant leur propre clé privée, ce qui limitera les risques d'utilisation à la quantité de monnaie Ğ1 qui s'y trouvera. Vous pourrez ainsi utiliser ce porte monnaie sur des applications online en lesquelles vous avez confiance tout en limitant les risques associés à la connexion.
> Note: Duniter allows you to generate as many non-member accounts as you want. A management tips is therefore to make small transfers on these accounts (or wallets), having their own private key, which will limit the risks of use to the quantity of money Ğ1 that will be there. You will be able to use this wallet on online applications you trust while limiting the risks associated with the connection.
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Title: Améliorer le site
Title: Enhance the website
Order: 9
Date: 2017-03-31
Slug: ameliorer-le-site
Slug: enhance-website
Authors: cgeek
Ce site est comme un logiciel libre : tout son code source est [disponible]( et modifiable.
This site is like free software: all its source code is [available]( and can be modified.
Vous trouverez sur chacune des pages dans la barre latérale un bouton « *Modifier la page sur GitHub* » ou « Modifier l'article sur GitHub ». Il ressemble à ceci :
You will find on each page in the sidebar a button "*Edit page on GitHub*" or "Edit article on GitHub". It looks like this:
En cliquant dessus, vous serez redirgier sur le site web GitHub qui héberge le code source du site. *Vous pourrez donc le modifier*.
By clicking on it, you will be redirected on the GitHub website which hosts the source code of the site. *You can modify it*.
### Nécessite un compte GitHub
### Requires a GitHub account
Toutefois après avoir cliqué sur ce bouton, vous noterez rapidement que GitHub requiert d'ouvrir un compte pour aller plus loin. Cela peut vous rebuter, mais sachez que vous n'aurez besoin de créer ce compte qu'une fois pour modifier toutes les pages de notre site (et même d'autres sites proposant cette fonctionnalité).
However, after clicking this button, you will quickly notice that GitHub requires you to open an account to go further. This may put you off, but you'll only need to create this account once to modify all the pages on our site (and even other sites that offer this feature).
Ce fonctionnement **permet à tous** de corriger une faute de frappe, une mauvaise tournure de phrase, ou même de proposer de nouveaux contenus sans attendre !
This function **allows anyone** to correct a typo, a bad turn of phrase, or even to propose new contents without waiting!
### Est soumis à modération
### Is subject to moderation
Bien sûr, vous ne pouvez pas modifier le site sans contrôle de notre part. Mais sachez que grâce à GitHub, nous pouvons *très rapidement répondre* à votre proposition : il nous suffit de cliquer sur un bouton, et hop ! vos modifications apparaissent dans les secondes qui suivent.
Of course, you can not modify the site without control on our part. But know that thanks to GitHub, we can *very quickly answer* your proposal : we just click a button, and hop! Your changes will appear within seconds.
## Créer une nouvelle page, un nouvel article
## Create a new page, a new article
Rédiger un nouveau contenu est un peu plus difficile, puisqu'il faut créer un ou plusieurs nouveaux fichiers.
Writing new content is a little more difficult, since you have to create one or more new files.
Nous détaillerons cela un peu plus tard. Mais si vous vous sentez déjà à l'aise avec GitHub, sachez qu'ajouter un article sur ce blog revient simplement à ajouter un fichier au format `` dans le répertoire `content/` pour un article (par exemple `2017-04-28-article-du-28-avril`), ou un fichier `` dans le répertoire `content/pages/` ou l'un de ses sous-répertoires selon la catégorie visée, de rédiger son contenu en s'inspirant d'autres articles déjà existants pour finalement envoyer une *pull request* via le bouton dédié sur GitHub.
We will detail this a little later. But if you already feel comfortable with GitHub, add an article on this blog is simply adding a file `` in the `content/` directory for an article (for example `2017-04-28-article-du-28-avril`), or a `` file in the `content/pages/` directory or one of its subdirectories according to the category concerned, to write its content by taking inspiration from other existing articles to finally send a *pull request* via the dedicated button on GitHub.
De nôtre côté, la validation est toujours un simple bouton.
\ No newline at end of file
On our side, validation is always a simple button.
......@@ -4,6 +4,6 @@ Date: 2017-04-02
Slug: faq
Authors: cgeek
> Page à réaliser. **Pourquoi pas par vous ?**
> Page to be completed. ** Why not by you? **
> Le bouton « *Modifier la page sur GitHub* » est fait pour ça. Il se trouve en bas à droite, dans la barre de menu.
\ No newline at end of file
> The "*Edit page on GitHub*" button is for this purpose. It is located at the bottom right, in the menu bar.
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