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......@@ -6,13 +6,6 @@ Slug: deep-dive-into-the-web-of-trust
Authors: elois, thomasbromehead
Thumbnail: /images/network.svg
![zone Sybil]({filename}/images/wiki/toile-de-confiance/wot-sybil.jpg)
![graphe WoTmoy en fonction de sigQty et stepMax]({filename}/images/wiki/toile-de-confiance/wot-moy.png)
![graphe taille Sybil en fonction de sigPeriod et stepAttackers]({filename}/images/wiki/toile-de-confiance/impact_sig_period.png)
This article will explore some of the different parameters implemented by the Duniter Web of Trust -WoT- and how some of their values were chosen for their application in the Ğ1 currency.
No prior knowledge of the topic is required as I will shed light on all specific terms and ideas I will cover.
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