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# DUP Tools
Tools for DUP Protocol.
A tools box lib for DUP (Dividend Universal Protocol) in WebAssembly (WASM).
- Rust **reliability**
- WebAssembly **performances**
- Javascript **wide usability**
You can use DUP tools directly in [modern browsers]( or server side with [node.js](
#### Project state
[![npm version](](
[![pipeline status](](
[![coverage report](](
## 📝 Usage
[Full usage exemple with online demo](
### ⚡ Quick start guide
1. install [npm](
2. Create an empty folder for your project, and open a terminal in it.
3. To install `dup-tools-wasm` run
npm install dup-tools-wasm
4. create a js file `myFirstExperiment.js` with the following code :
import * as dup from "dup-tools-wasm";
const keypair = dup.generate_ed25519_keypair("salt", "password");
>>> WiP
5. ![Fork]( for in browser use case :
create an html file `index.html` with the following code :
<meta charset="utf-8"/>
<h1>See your console result (F12 by default)</h1>
<script module src="myFirstExperiment.js"></script>
5. ![Fork]( for node.js use case :
>>> End WiP
## Contribute
### 🔮 Prerequisites
You need [wasm-pack]( and it prerequisites ([Rust and npm](
### 🛠️ Build with `wasm-pack build`
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