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......@@ -44,6 +44,20 @@ If you wish to participate/debate on Duniter, you can:
* join XMPP chatroom [](
* contact us directly at [](
### Developement
Duniter is using modules on different git repositories:
- [Crawler]( network crawler.
- [Prover]( handle Proof-of-Work.
- [BMA API]( Basic Merkled API.
- [Keypair]( provide the cryptographic keypair.
- [WotB]( compute Web of Trust.
- [Debug]( debug tool.
- [Web admin]( web administration interface (optional).
Optional modules:
- [Remuniter]( service to remunerate blocks issuers.
- [Wot explorer]( Web of Trust explorer.
# References
## Theoretical
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