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[doc] rustc 1.47+ is required

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![Duniter logo](
# Duniter [![build status](]( [![Coverage Status](]( [![Dependencies](](
# Duniter [![build status](]( [![Coverage Status](]( [![Dependencies](]( [![Minimum rustc version](](
Duniter (previously uCoin) is a libre software allowing to create a new kind of P2P crypto-currencies based on individuals and Universal Dividend.
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ use std::{
use structopt::StructOpt;
const MIN_RUST_VERTION: &str = "1.46.0";
const MIN_RUST_VERTION: &str = "1.47.0";
const NODE_VERSION: &str = "10.22.1";
const NVM_VERSION: &str = "0.35.3";
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