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Add link to english and french RTM. Links with markdown syntax.
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# References
## Theoretical
* [Relative theory of money](http://vit.free.fr/TRM/en_US/)
* [Relative Money Theory v2.718, Stephane Laborde - Nov. 2012](http://wiki.creationmonetaire.info/index.php?title=Main_Page)
* [[en] Relative theory of money](http://vit.free.fr/TRM/en_US/)
* [[fr] Théorie relative de la monaie](http://trm.creationmonetaire.info/)
## OpenUDC
* Official OpenUDC project website: <http://www.openudc.org>
* Official OpenUDC repository: <https://github.com/Open-UDC/open-udc>
* Other project trying to implement OpenUDC in python: <https://github.com/canercandan/django-openudc>
* [Official OpenUDC project website](http://www.openudc.org)
* [Official OpenUDC repository](https://github.com/Open-UDC/open-udc)
* [Other project trying to implement OpenUDC in python](https://github.com/canercandan/django-openudc)
# License
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