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......@@ -155,8 +155,7 @@ A new request will be stored in the ‘pool’ for a maximum of `msWindow` secon
If a member hasn’t requested a renewal for longer than `msValidity` seconds, he/she automatically ceases being a member. From this moment on, the ex-member has another `msValidity` window to renew his/her membership.
When this period of 2 * `msValidity’ runs out, the membership will expire and this identity will never be available for use again in the web. If the person so desires, he/she will have to start from zero to regain access to the WoT.
## 4. Rule of certification lifespan (`sigValidity`
## 4. Rule of certification lifespan (`sigValidity`)
All certifications included in the blockchain expire **sigValidity** seconds after they were **issued**.
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