Mise à jour effectuée, merci de nous signaler tout dysfonctionnement ! | Upgrade done, please let us know about any dysfunction!

Commit 3a48c2da authored by BorisPAING's avatar BorisPAING

Restore blog slug

parent 55191b04
......@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ INTRASITE_LINK_REGEX = '[{|](?P<what>.*?)[|}]'
FILENAME_METADATA = r'(?P<file_name>.*)'
PATH_METADATA = r'(?P<path>.*)'
BLOG_SLUG = 'actus'
BLOG_SLUG = 'blog'
IMPROVE_SITE_SLUG = 'contribuer/ameliorer-le-site'
STATIC_SAVE_AS = '{path}'
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