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Wallet show certifications

Carles Barrobés requested to merge wallet-show-certifications into develop

Follow-up to !10 (merged) for #9

I've been testing showing certifications for a wallet, and it looks like the code is in place and works... although I cannot really test it without some cheating on my part, as I cannot figure out how to use a valid account during testing (I can only use test accounts from the demo subset in substrate - alice bob etc - which don't seem to exist in the indexer or include the required account metadata). However, manually generating the URLs using valid account addresses works (e.g. http://localhost:4200/wallet/cert/5CQ8T4qpbYJq7uVsxGPQ5q2df7x3Wa4aRY6HUWMBYjfLZhnn/received).

Other stuff:

  • I've used this opportunity to simplify the URLs and remove an unused parameter name.
  • I am retrieving the blockchain start date from the network service

These are the only accounts I can use for wallet:


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