Commit 6ae5df32 authored by Benoit Lavenier's avatar Benoit Lavenier

[fix] Fix NullPointerException whencomputing buid on peer.stats without block number

parent 4d06518c
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......@@ -236,10 +236,12 @@ public class NetworkServiceImpl extends BaseRemoteServiceImpl implements Network
public List<Peer> fillPeerStatsConsensus(final List<Peer> peers) {
if (CollectionUtils.isEmpty(peers)) return peers;
final Map<String,Long> peerCountByBuid =
.filter(peer -> peer.getStats().isReacheable() && Peers.hasBmaEndpoint(peer))
.filter(peer -> peer.getStats() != null && peer.getStats().isReacheable() && Peers.hasBmaEndpoint(peer))
.filter(b -> b != null)
.collect(Collectors.groupingBy(Function.identity(), Collectors.counting()));
// Compute main consensus buid
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