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Welcome to Duniter4j web site !
Duniter4j is a Java Client API for [Duniter]( network (e.g. crypto-crurency Ğ1).
Duniter4j is a Java Toolkit for [Duniter]( network (e.g. crypto-crurency Ğ1).
<img src="./images/logos/logo_duniter.png"/>
The Java API is used by projects such as [Cesium+ pod](
## Modules
Duniter4j modules are:
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<item name="Duniter" href=""/>
<item name="Github project" href=""/>
<item name="Cesium+ pod" href=""/>
<item name="Source code" href=""/>
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<menu name="Community" inherit="bottom">
<item name="Source code"
<item name="Issue Tracking"
<item name="Forum"
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