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Commit 36572ae8 authored by Moul's avatar Moul

[mod] #71: rm from_seed, and save_seedhex_file

- rename save_seedhex_file_from_seed to save_seedhex_file
parent f6cedec6
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......@@ -68,23 +68,13 @@ class SigningKey(libnacl.sign.Signer):
return cls(seed)
def save_seedhex_file_from_seed(self, path: str) -> None:
def save_seedhex_file(self, path: str) -> None:
Save hexadecimal seed file from seed
:param path: Authentication file path
seedhex = convert_seed_to_seedhex(self.seed)
SigningKey.save_seedhex_file(seedhex, path)
def save_seedhex_file(seedhex: str, path: str) -> None:
Save hexadecimal seed file
:param seedhex: Hexadecimal seed string
:param path: Authentication file path
with open(path, 'w') as fh:
......@@ -99,8 +89,8 @@ class SigningKey(libnacl.sign.Signer):
seedhex = fh.read()
return SigningKey.from_seedhex(seedhex)
def from_seedhex(seedhex: str) -> SigningKeyType:
def from_seedhex(cls: Type[SigningKeyType], seedhex: str) -> SigningKeyType:
Return SigningKey instance from Seedhex
......@@ -112,15 +102,6 @@ class SigningKey(libnacl.sign.Signer):
raise Exception('Error: Bad seed hexadecimal format')
seedhex = match.groups()[0]
seed = convert_seedhex_to_seed(seedhex)
return SigningKey.from_seed(seed)
def from_seed(cls: Type[SigningKeyType], seed: bytes) -> SigningKeyType:
Return SigningKey instance from Seed
:param str seed: seed string
return cls(seed)
def save_private_key(self, path: str) -> None:
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