Commit 4c30cf3f authored by Moul's avatar Moul

[feat] InputSource: add equality and hash methods

parent dc87cc75
import re
from typing import TypeVar, List, Type, Optional, Dict, Union
from typing import TypeVar, List, Any, Type, Optional, Dict, Union
import pypeg2
......@@ -78,6 +78,24 @@ class InputSource:
self.origin_id = origin_id
self.index = index
def __eq__(self, other: Any) -> bool:
Check InputSource instances equality
if not isinstance(other, InputSource):
return NotImplemented
return self.amount == other.amount and\
self.base == other.base and\
self.source == other.source and\
self.origin_id == other.origin_id and\
self.index == other.index
def __hash__(self) -> int:
return hash((self.amount, self.base, self.source, self.origin_id, self.index))
def from_inline(cls: Type[InputSourceType], tx_version: int, inline: str) -> InputSourceType:
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