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#95, #172: BBC: Arguments changes on 'Documents' constructors: Remove 'signature', introduce 'signing_key', make 'currency' and 'version' optionals

Vincent Texier requested to merge document_init_refactor into dev

Break backward compatibilities!

  • Remove useless signature argument from Documents.__init__()
    • Rename Identity(ts: BlockUID) by Identity(timestamp: BlockUID)
  • Refactor Document.signatures (List) as Document.signature (str)
    • Transaction can have multiple signatures, with Transaction.signatures attribute and Transaction.multi_sign([keys]) method.
    • Move signatures verifications in the Documents classes
  • Add optional signing_key argument in Document sub-classes
  • Refactor subclass version argument as optional with default=subclass.VERSION
  • Set time argument optional in SimpleTransaction
  • Refactor Documents currency arguments as optional with default=constants.CURRENCY_CODENAME_G1

Close #95 (closed), #172 (closed).

Edited by Moul

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