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[fix] ws2p v1 does not handle sync

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......@@ -52,9 +52,8 @@ Any WS2P endpoint must match this regexp : `/^WS2P (?:[1-9][0-9]* )?([a-f0-9]{8}
### Getting endpoints from other Duniter nodes
Initially, Duniter is totally endpoint agnostic and don't know any node.
The endpoints of other nodes are obtained during the synchronization step.
Currently, the synchronization process is fully managed by the BMA module,
this synchronization process adds peer cards* of others nodes to Duniter-ts's database.
The ws2p module requires that at least one or more peer cards are already stored in the database when launching the node,
it's up to the Duniter sync command to handle this (ws2p does not handle this).
_*peer card : Signed document declaring all the access points of a peer._
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