Unverified Commit d765286f authored by Éloïs's avatar Éloïs
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[fix] revoked_on is obsolete

parent 03ab8015
......@@ -613,7 +613,7 @@ JSON response to success :
"sig": String(membership document signature in base64),
"signature": String(doubloon with "sig" field),
"type": String(doubloon with "membership" field),
"userid": String(),
"userid": String(username),
"written": Bool(is always false),
"written_number": Null
......@@ -622,9 +622,9 @@ JSON response to success :
"pubkey": String(identity pubkey in base58),
"revocation_sig": String(revocation document signature in base64, empty where the identity is not revoked),
"revoked": Bool(),
"revoked_on": Number(?),
"revoked_on": Number(obsolete field to be deleted),
"sig":String(identity document signature in base64),
"uid": String(),
"uid": String(username),
"wasMember": Bool(true if the identity has already been a member at least once)
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