Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • API: BMA
    Legacy API: Basic Merkle API
  • API: CS+
    Cesium+ API
  • API: GVA
    New client-node API: GVA: GraphQL Verification API
  • API: WS2P
  • Authentication
    Authentication related: Seed, SeedHex, PubSec, WIF, EWIF
  • Bug
    Every kind of wrong implementation related to the code
  • CI/CD
    Continuous integration (build, format, test, checks), continuous delivery related (PyPi delivery)
  • Configuration
    Configuration feature from a client point of view
  • D: Block
    Code related to block document
  • D: Certification
    Code related to certification document issuance
  • D: Identity
    Code related to identity document issuance
  • D: Membership
    Code related to membership document issuance
  • D: Revocation
    Code related to revocation document issuance
  • D: Transaction
    Code around the transaction document. Money label should be used for other kind of money management
  • Debian
    Debian packaging as well as other distribution packaging
  • Dev Env
    Development environment: dependencies management, and versionning, isolated Python environment, tools for checks (type, lint, format…)…
  • Documentation
    Documentation related:,,, documentation
  • DuniterPy
    Related to DuniterPy implementation
  • Easy pick
    Easy task for new contributor
  • Feature
    New functionnality, new helper related to the code