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add NFKC Normalization

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......@@ -77,21 +77,20 @@ Example :
#### Types notation
ascii : String formatted in ascii
utf8 : String formatted in utf8
u8 : Unsigned 8-bit integer
u16 : Unsigned 16-bit integer
u32 : Unsigned 32-bit integer
u64 : Unsigned 64-bit integer
i8 : Signed 8-bit integer
i16 : Signed 16-bit integer
i32 : Signed 32-bit integer
i64 : Signed 64-bit integer
[T; n] : Array of n elements of type T
utf8 : String formatted in utf8 and [NFKC normalized](
u8 : Unsigned 8-bit integer.
u16 : Unsigned 16-bit integer.
u32 : Unsigned 32-bit integer.
u64 : Unsigned 64-bit integer.
i8 : Signed 8-bit integer.
i16 : Signed 16-bit integer.
i32 : Signed 32-bit integer.
i64 : Signed 64-bit integer.
[T; n] : Array of n elements of type T.
bool : boolean stored on 8 bits (0x00 = false, 0x01 = true, any other value must generate an error).
0 : Corresponds to data that must be filled with bits to zero (for example padding).
specific : Corresponds to a non-primitive type, which must be detailed in the RFC.
Blockstamp : BlockNumber(u32) + BlockHash([u8; 32])
Blockstamp : BlockNumber(u32) + BlockHash([u8; 32]).
#### Endianness
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