Commit f214465c authored by Éloïs's avatar Éloïs

[ref] change ACK message (remove double signatures)

parent 0e6ac43f
......@@ -496,10 +496,11 @@ RES_SYNC_CHUNK := A WS2P Public node that asks to synchronize sends its PeerCard
| data name | size in bytes | data type |
| challenge_sig | ? | SigBox |
| challenge | 32 | [u8;32] |
Each node must sign the challenge of the other to prove that it's in possession of the private key corresponding to the public key under which it identifies.
challenge_sig := SigBox of the challenge given by the other node.
challenge := The challenge given by the other node in their CONNECt message.
The message is already signed at the container level, so there is no need to repeat the signature in the ACK message payload. On the other hand, the challenge to be signed must be in the payload.
### FLAGS message
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