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    Hasura as GraphQL engine (!16) · c08c2b39
    poka authored and Hugo Trentesaux's avatar Hugo Trentesaux committed
    * move graphql engine to dev dep
    * update locks
    * fix: bad yaml dump amend
    * fix: sh in not bash
    * apply hugo review
    * update readme
    * add ud_history sql function
    * fix squid migration on prod mode
    * bump v0.1.3
    * cleanup hasura metadata script and files
    * add camelCase support through experimental feature
    * new Hasura generation
    * add generateHasuraMetadata script
    * add squid migration
    * remove hasura migration
    * add serve commands again
    * generate and remove temp squid migration inside tracking
    * update tables permissions
    * add applyPublicReadPermissions function
    * remove legacy ud_history resolver
    * update README with hasura stack
    * add untracked foreignkey function
    * update sqd commands for hasura migrations
    * add docs folder
    * add Hasura track_tables script
    * rollback changes in commands.json
    * add docker build script for squid
    * add udHistory by identity, hasura style
    * remove fucking squid graphql engine
    * hello hasura
    * remove useless event field to udHistory and forgotten logs